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Home to one of the finest dining experiences in Singapore, Sushi Jiro serves up authentic Japanese cuisine specialising in fresh handpicked produce air-flown up to 4 times a week from Japan. Renowned for exquisite Sushi and Omakase courses, Sushi Jiro serves up only top quality Japanese produce that’s set to satisfy palates. 


Founded over 2 decades ago by Nakano Jiro-San, Sushi Jiro sole aim then as it is now is providing as authentic a Japanese dining experience to guests as possible. Armed with a seasoned culinary team helmed by our Japanese chefs, our philosophy of respecting traditional methods of Japanese cuisine preparation and execution remains central to our core offer. 



Great taste is central to the experience we offer at Sushi Jiro. Our cuisine is complemented by an interior beautifully set in warm and inviting hues through the eclectic use of imported Japanese wood and furnishings.


Overlooking a picturesque marina, the restaurant boasts both modern and traditional Japanese touches elevated with service typical of Japanese hospitality. Excite your senses completely with every visit.

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